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Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular sidings for a home because it is resilient to changes in weather, maintains its color, has a low cost compared to brick or stucco and is relatively easy to keep clean. It is a good idea to clean and inspect your vinyl siding once a year to maintain that new-home look. Often, vinyl siding that has a texture, as most do, will trap dirt and grime in these patterns. While structurally it does not affect the vinyl in the least, it does affect the appearance, especially on the lighter shades of vinyl.

ULTRA STEAM CLEANING SYSTEMS uses a combination of hot water and pressure to clean your vinyl siding. While no special chemicals are needed, care must to taken not to damage the siding. Too often, inexperienced do- it-yourselfer's have rented a pressure washer from a local equipment rental store and started to clean their siding with too much pressure and blew off several vinyl panels. It is best to leave the cleaning to the professionals at ULTRA STEAM CLEANING SYSTEMS. It's just not that expensive to bother with yourself.

NOTE: While vinyl siding is fantastic and durable, there are some things you need to watch out for. Keep hot items such as a barbeque grill, smokers, patio torches and other things that have an open fire or produce extremely high temperatures away from the siding. Vinyl is a form of plastic and will melt under extreme heat.


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