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Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems Inc.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

In high traffic areas such as bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens, it makes sense to have hard flooring. Over time you will start to see a change in the shine and color of tile and grout. As dirt, grease, and cleaning products build up in the porous grout material, your cleaning frustration may increase as well.

Cleaning tile & grout can be a time-consuming and back-breaking process. Instead of spending hours on your knees getting minimal results, contact Ultra Steam Clean Systems. Our process is the most complete and effective on the market.

Stained tile flooring

Tile Cleaning Process

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a combination of steam, pressure, and the right cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the floor to break up dirt deposits and bring them to the surface. Depending on the application, Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems can use a number of different products and processes to get outstanding results.

When Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems has completed the process of cleaning your tile and grout, it will look new again. We invite you to call us for a FREE consultation and estimate.

Machine scrubbing grout from stone flooring

Stone Cleaning Process

The challenges with stone are not so much the stone itself, but the grout that holds the stone or stone tiles in place. Grout is porous and allows moisture and dirt to collect into the pores thus making it dull and dirty. Through the use of our special tools, high pressure and high heat, Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems has the ability to clean most types of stone.

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems doesn't need to use harsh and harmful chemicals, due to the industrial cleaning power of our equipment. We go deep to remove the stubborn dirt that gets trapped in the grout, making your stone and grout look shiny and clean again.

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