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Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems Inc.
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Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl will stand up to excessive use but will start to look dirty and lose its shine over time. Often household cleaners are harsh on vinyl floors. We use an alkaline cleaning solution that is less harmful to the vinyl and to people.

Our cleaning tools use jets and a vacuum to suck the water and dirt out. This process not only takes the dirt out, but it also leaves your vinyl looking like new again. Call Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems to get your floors clean and shiny again!

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Maintaining Vinyl Siding

It's a good idea to clean and inspect your vinyl siding once a year to maintain that new-home look. Often, vinyl siding that has a texture that traps dirt and grime. While structurally it does not affect the vinyl, it affects the appearance. We can clean your vinyl and make it look clean and like-new again.

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a combination of hot water and pressure to clean your vinyl siding. While no special chemicals are needed, care must be taken not to damage the siding. Too often, inexperienced persons have rented a pressure washer to clean their vinyl and blow off the vinyl panels, which results in unnecessary repairs.

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