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Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems Inc.

Our Cleaning Process for Wood Flooring

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems never uses water on wood floors that don't have a good finish that will support our cleaning process. If there is an inadequate finish, our cleaning technicians will advise you of the available solutions.

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a neutral cleaner with a scrubbing machine that is designed to take off scuffs, shoe marks, and many other marks on the wood without scratching the wood itself. After the floor is scrubbed clean, Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses our vacuum squeegee equipment to extract all the water. The last step is to polish the floor to bring out the shine of the finish.

Kitchen with wood flooring

Maintaining Beautiful Wood Flooring

Wood flooring offers warmth and traditional richness that other floorings just can't match. The challenge is keeping wood floors looking new when people live in the home! Common stains can be caused by spilled drinks, food, and wearing shoes on your wood floor.

The secret to keeping your wood floor looking beautiful is to make sure the floor is sealed with a good quality finish and then have it cleaned regularly by the professionals at Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems.

Person spraying wood patio with hose

Wood Patios and Decks

For exterior cleaning, Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a high-pressure tool with cool water. This ensures the best cleaning and still preserves the wood.

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